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50 Digital Team Building Games Book Review

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Book Reviewed by Stephen Hartley, (Fellow) Institute for Learning Practitionerspicture-51

Title: 50 Digital Team Building Games

Author: John Chen (CEO of Geoteaming)

ISBN: 978-1-118-18093-8 (pbk)

Publisher: Wiley

The advent of the digital age has seen many changes (both welcomed and imposed) in the learning and development sector. The traditional face-to-face training room is evolving more and more into a plethora of blended learning solutions taking advantage of online learning, blogs, forums, chat rooms and apps.

Coming on the back of the exponential growth of social media platforms, smart phones and tablets, the opportunity has clearly existed to migrate traditional team building activities from the confines of the training room to a raft of digital platforms.

Chen’s book does exactly this. With an extensive 25 year background in team building working with over 950 companies and 50,000 participants, Chen believes that technology is a great magnifier of both good and bad teamwork. Through using technology to harness the good teamwork, Chen claims that digital team building games “…will help you reap the intangible rewards of being cool and current, improve morale, build relationships and develop a high-performing team…”

Mixing games covering icebreakers and the goals of communication, trust, performance, problem solving, creativity, innovation and collaboration, Chen provides the trainer/facilitator with guidelines on how to setup, execute and debrief each of the activities (goals, summary, audience instructions, variations, tips, case study and a debrief).

With a mix of screen dumps and text, the activities are easy to read and apply. The useful matrix at the beginning of the book combines both the nominated goal and the suggested technology and provides easy navigation throughout the book. The appendix will be a welcome addition for some as it provides step-by-step visual instructions on how to get more online resources from the author.

Review Rating 3.5/5

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