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BOOK REVIEW - Bounce Forward: how to transform crisis into success

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Title: Bounce Forward

Author: Sam Cawthorn

ISBN: 9781118641347 (pbk)

Publisher: Wiley

Following a serious car accident resulting in critical injuries, Cawthorn made some poignant (if not equally critical) decisions that have propelled him into the international arena of corporate turnarounds and resilience.

The premise for the book is based on four guiding principles advocating that ‘adversarial growth’ can trigger and sustain innovation, productivity and profitability. Cawthorn argues that “…crisis makes you a happier, stronger and more productive individual or a happier, stronger and more productive business.” With less than 200 pages, the book is concise in content (only four chapters) with a fifth dedicated to a convincing 12 day crisis turnaround challenge.

Without having to walk the reader back through the intimate details of his tragedy, Cawthorn embarks on what he terms the ‘bounce cycle’ as he addresses the changes he has faced and the attitude required to ‘bounce forward’ and deal with change in moving toward a “…bigger, better and brighter life.”

The bounce cycle starts with a crisis which in itself, triggers an (often uninvited, let alone seen) opportunity. Cawthorn suggests that it is the very adversity, failure or challenges people face in any crisis that will ignite the greatest opportunities in their lives (that they may have otherwise missed). Following the crisis stage comes the power drawn from proximity and how the people you consult and spend time with in your time of crisis will have a profound effect on your ability to navigate the crisis. The company you keep then evolves into the third principle of leveraging positivity for success. Through fostering positive habits, Cawthorn presents tangible and compelling ideas for making a conscious decision to remain positive and to feed off that positivity. The final principle is bouncing forward (not backwards) and making a real difference to the world we live in by forgetting the past, expecting the best, empowering your strengths and staying aligned and motivated.

While Cawthorn’s personal story is woven into the book, it doesn’t dominate and provides a subtle skeleton from which the four principles of bounce forward hang.

A great read with real habits you can cultivate right now.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewed by Stephen Hartley, ILP Fellow


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